Finally here

3 decades plus a year

So cold

So hot

Avoiding contact on the twister mat

So close

More so Eons away

Why didn’t you see see see me?

I stood across the lane

Not looking once your way

I brought you here

But there you stay

I won’t drive that far anymore anyway

I stole your heart, replaced it with mine

I slit my eyes, flip my tail, ginger hot curvier mane spilling out

No fighting here, coco oiled rings Mana trades pick up my hair

Antennae high

Wild aqua green gold flecked eyes

My stinger poised

Smile placed

A most terrifying face


Memorial Day

Let us also remember

The ones who didn’t make it back

The defenders, the slain

The ones who fell for their brothers and sisters

With no thought of pain

Whose families wear gold stars now

Prayers and blessings do not balm, nor contain

The desperate mix of being proud

Of feeling the absence of the hero

And the sacrifice they made

Happy Memorial Day to all my brothers and sisters; and the families the fallen have left behind. Respect.

Take it or Leave it

I forgive
But you
But you
Tie me to the bedpost
To tongue lash me till you’re blue

Do you have any new detective work to support the conspiracy in your head?
Or are you still coming down from being Valley of the Dolls wasted?
Just like I said

Your once beautiful hands
After cracking your scorpion whip so long
When you turn around next
Everyone you shoved away
Will be gone