Quick update and announcement

In writing The Square and listening to music, I got an idea to start adding a song to each post I do in the “Soapbox” section, more specifically I’ll link to official YouTube music videos for the song. I have always known music to be the perfect way to express oneself to another so I want to include it so my readers feel more involved.

Also, iOS updated today which made editing nearly impossible so in Don’s first post, it somehow flipped the name of the mistress and the name of the wife. If you would be so kind, take a moment to read it again along with the video link to Lips of an Angel by Hinder which is Don’s song to Gwen.

Thanks for reading, following, and the shout outs 👏

Me at Makaha point, Oahu

Me at Makaha point, Oahu


I'll comment as soon as I'm logged in lovely. 😉🌺

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