A Brief Blurb On The Writer

I have been using writing as an emotional outlet for as long as I remember; I am sure this has to do with my life long love of literature. I started with a base understanding of poetry and only wrote little haiku’s and rhymes, but my growing understanding of the power of the pen and constant scribbling caused me to evolove my own styles and voice. After the United States Postal Service “lost” a box containing my life’s work, I started again and had the new journal stolen by a former friend. I am currently putting together my first chapbook, earning my Bachelors Degree in Sociology, and I am lucky enough to live in my beautiful home state of Hawaii, America. My real life job is instructing SCUBA diving and I love being in the sacred moana (ocean waters) as much as possible.


2 thoughts on “A Brief Blurb On The Writer

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